Box system

Phenotyping box for capturing hyperspectral data

Fast and easy

Optimum lighting environment in just four steps: open door - put object in - close door - start recording: analyze the image in 1nm resolution on the laptop or automatically save.

Defined lighting

The halogen lighting provides a defined spectrum, which remains constant even under heat change. The black inner wall excludes extraneous light and disturbing reflection.

Defined background

The defined background creates perfect starting points for image processing algorithms such as segmentation.

Simple analysis

Defined imaging conditions allow segmentation to be automated quickly and easily, accelerating the evaluation pipeline. 

Software & camera

HAIP's software is designed for the box and supports simple and fast capturing. You can use the same camera you use under the drone.

Individual adjustments

Dimensions, lighting and possible other equipment can be adapted to your application so that you get the perfect solution. 

Examples from the box

You are welcome to contact us to get hyperspectral test data. So you can convince yourself of the quality!

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