Get real Hyperspectral Imaging on the drones you already know


The hyperspectral camera is developed for medical technology to the highest standards, which we bring to agriculture with our expertise and close cooperation with the manufacturer.

DJI Quality

DJI's Matrice 210 is the enterprise solution that many companies in the drone sector rely on. For agriculture standards are met such as dust and water protection.

Flexible hardware

Our camera is designed for the DJI Skyport, making it easy to switch between our sensor and other DJI Skyport sensors in just a few simple steps.

High resolution

The hyperspectral camera offers the complete spectrum in between 500nm-1000nm in a spectral resolution of 1nm with a local resolution of Full HD.

Adaptable to sunlight

Due to our reference sensor used, the solution can be used without problems even under changing sunlight. A white balance in advance is not necessary. 


By using the DJI drone, established pre-flight planning apps can also be easily used with our solution to achieve the necessary reproducibility and the necessary comfort. 

Short on time but still need optimal lighting conditions?


Fast and easy

Optimum lighting environment in just four steps: open door - put object in - close door - start recording: analyze the image in 1nm resolution on the laptop or automatically save.

Defined lighting

The halogen lighting provides a defined spectrum, which remains constant even under heat change. The black inner wall excludes extraneous light and disturbing reflection.

Defined background

The defined background creates perfect starting points for image processing algorithms such as segmentation.

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