Hyperspectral Imaging solutions for your research

Hyperspectral Imaging

HAIP offers a hyperspectral camera specially designed for field, forest and greenhouse. HAIP relies on Diaspective Vision's sensor technology, which is not only light & compact, but also offers high-resolution and a good signal-to-noise ratio.


In the case of the drone, we chose the market leader. The base of our drone system is the Matrice 200 series from DJI. It offers optimal qualifications for the challenging use in the field and meets standards such dust & water resistants. Our hyperspectral camera comes with a standardized gimbal and can be used as a plug & play solution on the Matrice 200 series.

Box system

Optimal hyperspectral images in just four steps: open the door - insert object - close the door - start shooting. Then view the image in 1 nm resolution on your laptop or save it automatically. The perfect solution for detailed shots with the best conditions.


One software for every task. After the data have been recorded, they are referenced with the HAIP software. The data can then be processed, analyzed or exported. 

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