Hyperspectral Imaging System


Measure samples and essential traits with the best of both technology worlds.

Image of HAIP Solutions BlackBox

Features and Benefits

Intelligent Imaging

The multisensor-system is based on reliable hardware components technology and advanced machine-learning-based analytical software

Easy to use

Non-invasive measurement for a wide range of different sample types. Easy to use for everyone, save time and effort in documentation tasks.


The BlackBox enables standardized and repeatable data acquisition, as well as automated trait extraction through imaging and AI-based analysis
Applications image of HAIP Solutions BlackBox

Technical Specifications

Best suited Applications

BlackBox operates in the visible light and near-infrared region, detecting things that cannot be seen with the human eye or RGB cameras. It can detect food chemical composition or be used to study plant physiology.

Sample Data

BlackBox is based on a VNIR linescanner, but there is no sensor movement needed during image acquisition to get a full HSI data cube. Unsure if spectral imaging solves your application? Get in touch with us and send your sample to HAIP Solutions for a measurement in our lab.

Configurable dimensions

With our special VNIR line scanner your use case can benefit from a compact measuring setup. 
Adaptable for your application, precisely fitting – according to your exact needs