SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

Black Industry
SWIR 1.7 Max

Industrial hyperspectral camera for industrial in-line applications and high conveyor belt speeds

Hyperspectral camera called BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 manufactured by HAIP Solutions

SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

NEXT Generation SWIR Camera

HAIP Solutions BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max Sensor is a smart line scanning (push-broom) short wave infrared hyperspectral imaging camera that allows the acquisition of real-time spectral data with very high spatial resolution. It is available in two configurations, a high resolution version with 1280 px and base version with 640 px spatial resolution, named BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7.

Outstanding Sensitivity

The outstanding sensitivity in the SWIR range from 900 nm to 1730 nm is perfect for the use in industrial in-line applications. With a frame rate of 210 Hz at full frame and up to 1300 Hz at ROI, the sensor is suitable for high conveyor belt speeds, ideal for sorting applications.

Easy To Use

Combining superior optical design with advanced holographic transmission grating technology, high-end electronics and a sensitive, next generation InGaAs detector, the BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max camera is an ideal tool for demanding environments.

Individual pre-processing

Data pre-processing on camera is possible, as the camera has an integrated GPU (Nvidia Jetson). All BlackIndustry series cameras are controllable via HAIP BlackStudio software, GenICam or a dedicated C++/Python API. Code samples available upon request.

key features of HAIP Solutions hyperspectral camera BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max

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BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max


backside and frontside of a hyperspectral camera called BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 from the company HAIP Solutions

Spatial resolution of 1280 pixels, internal GPU for pre-processing

SWIR (900-1730 nm)

420 spectral bands, great SNR, especially 1600-1700 nm region

210 Hz at full frame and up to 1300 Hz at ROI


GigE interface/GenICam compatible output mode

Photo Gallery


Sony SenSWIR technology implemented in HAIP Solutions hyperspectral cameras


Next generation Sony’s SenSWIR sensor technology – implemented in HAIP Solutions‘ BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 / Max.


Sony’s SenSWIR digital sensors set new standards with a smaller pixel size, improved image uniformity and increased spectral sensitivity in the SWIR spectrum. Paired with the implementation of the Cu-Cu connection, this technology reduces the thickness of the top indium-phosphorus (InP) layer, allowing more light to reach the underlying InGaAs layer. In combination with the high signal-to-noise ratio of the BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 cameras and the integrated black pixels, the sensitivity in the range from 1600 nm to 1730 nm is outstanding. SenSWIR sensors are used in sorting applications, industrial inspection and environmental monitoring, among others, especially in difficult conditions where conventional sensors fail. They are particularly useful for areas requiring versatile spectral analysis and precise object detection.

MVTec and HAIP Solutions

/ Halcon

Our software integration with MVTec HALCON – For all BlackIndustry camera models. 


Halcon enhances the capabilities of hyperspectral imaging systems by providing powerful tools for processing, analyzing, and interpreting hyperspectral data, enabling users to extract valuable information and insights from complex multidimensional datasets. By implementing the GenICam standard, data captured by HAIP products can be seamlessly received and utilised by MVTec’s software products.

SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

Sample Data

BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max is based on a new generation InGaAs sensor and specifically designed for industrial in-line applications. Unsure if spectral imaging solves your application? Get in touch with us and send your sample to HAIP Solutions for a measurement in our lab.

Hyperspectral camera called BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 manufactured by HAIP Solutions

BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max - Back view

BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Spectral Response

BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max - Spectral response

Live data Capture and Analysis

HAIP BlackStudio

We are very happy to announce that our BlackIndustry series is ready for the integration cameras now are also delivered with a corresponding software. BlackStudio software is designed for live data capture and analysis of ENVI format images. The two screenshots below show a classification of rice and plastic particles (foreign objects), which is a common task in the optical sorting – food industry.

BlackStudio software - Analysis screen with captured image and ROIs to set classes for classification

BlackStudio software - Analysis screen with classification of rice (green) and plastic (red) after training the classifier

HAIP BlackStudio Hands-on Tutorial

SWIR Hyperspectral Camera

Multi ROI Mode

This full speed video showcases the BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max automatically classifying plastic flakes by polymer type on a fast-moving platform. Operating at a high frame rate of up to 1330 Hz and a spatial resolution of 1280 px, this camera is designed to keep pace with fast industrial conveyor belts, ensuring a precise classification. The Multi Region of Interest (ROI) mode makes it possible to achieve such a high framerate. It is also possible to select the relevant wavelengths rather than analyzing the entire spectrum, significantly reducing data volume while maintaining high accuracy.

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