Hyperspectral Camera

Bullet V2

Smart and compact VNIR hyperspectral camera with integrated 4K RGB camera for easy data aquisition

Hyperspectral camera called BlackBullet V2 from the company HAIP Solutions

Hyperspectral camera

Various Platforms

HAIP Solutions BlackBullet V2 VNIR Sensor is the base model for a whole range of applications such

as UAVs, field and lab measurements on tripods or mounted on scanning rail systems. 

If you need external lighting, BlackBullet V2 is optimized for combined use with separate available broadband LED lighting unit BlackBright.

Compact Setup

BlackBullet V2 is based on a hyperspectral linescanner, but there is no need to move the sensor during image acquisition to get a full hyperspectral data cube. With this feature, your use case can benefit from a compact and lightweight measuring setup.

Easy To Use

Thanks to the 4K resolution RGB sensor of the hyperspectral camera, a livestream can be displayed to see what area you are actually imaging. Camera control works via Gigabit Ethernet, which opens up to a wide range of mounting options.

Intelligent Imaging

Additional pre-processing on camera is possible, as the camera has a build in computing unit. If needed, the desired spectral ranges can also be individually selected, to reduce data-amount. Images are saved on the internal 256 GB storage.

key features of HAIP SOlutions hyperspectral camera drone BlackBirdV2

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BlackBullet V2


backside and frontside of a hyperspectral camera called BlackBox V2 from the company HAIP Solutions

4K RGB camera integrated -
RGB & HSI images simultaneously

VNIR (500 - 1000 NM)
250 spectral bands, great signal-to-noise ratio in NIR region

BlackBullet V2 comes with a mounting plate with different type of threads

Two modes: Snapshot & Line-Scan;
NVIDIA Jetson GPU integrated​

GigE and power supply port on the back of the camera.

Photo Gallery

Data Acquisition

BlackStudio Software

BlackBullet V2 comes with a full integration into HAIP Solutions BlackStudio software for capturing data and analyzing right on the spot after data acquisition. A separate API in C++ and Python is available as well to integrate the camera into your own workflows.

Hyperspectral Camera

Sample Data

BlackBullet V2 is based on a push-broom linescanner, but there is no sensor movement needed during image acquisition to get a full HSI data cube, due to our special capturing technology.

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