Hyperspectral Camera Drone

Bird V2

The easiest way to take images with a hyperspectral sensor on drones.

Hyperspectral camera drone - BlackBird V2

Hyperspectral Camera drone

REady to Fly

The BlackBird V2 camera was especially designed for easy integration with DJI drones from Matrice 200 V2 & M300 & M350 RTK series.

Via the Skyport V2 interface all connections are established with a twist of your hand.

Full gimbal control

BlackBird V2 is based on a hyperspectral linescanner, but there is no need to move the sensor during image acquisition to get a full hyperspectral data cube. With this feature you can also move to a off-nadir position and take images.

Easy To Use

Thanks to the RGB sensor of the hyperspectral camera, a livestream can be displayed on the remote control during the flight. With this feature you get two images (RGB & HSI) at the same time with similar spatial dimensions.

Intelligent Imaging

Additional pre-processing on camera is possible, as the camera has a build in GPU (NVIDIA Jetson). Overview images for the evaluation of correct exposure settings are processed automatically. Images are saved on an external USB-A stick.

Start with HSI Today!

BlackBird V2


Hyperspectral camera drone - BlackBird V2

High quality RGB-livestream + RGB & HSI images simultaneously

VNIR (500 - 1000 NM)
100 spectral bands, high signal-to-noise ratio in NIR range

Two modes: Hover & Line-Scan; NVIDIA Jetson GPU integrated​

Ready to fly within seconds, connection just with a twist of your hand

HAIP BlackBird V2 Live-Demo

Hyperspectral Camera Drone

Sample Data

BlackBird V2 is based on a VNIR linescanner, but there is no sensor movement needed during image acquisition to get a full HSI data cube. Unsure if spectral imaging solves your application? Get in touch with us and send your sample to HAIP Solutions for a measurement in our lab.

Overview image for checking the exposure
settings directly on the remote controller
DJI Pilot Software Sreenshot –
Payload Settings Menu for BlackBird V2