Hyperspectral Camera Drone


The easiest way to take images with a hyperspectral sensor on drones.


Hyperspectral Camera drone


The BlackBird camera was especially designed for integration with DJI drones from Matrice 200 & 300 series.

Via the Skyport interface all connections are established with a twist of your hand.

Compact Setup

BlackBird is based on a hyperspectral linescanner, but there is no need to move the sensor during image acquisition to get a full hyperspectral data cube. With this feature you can also move to a off-nadir position and take images.

Easy To Use

Thanks to the RGB sensor of the hyperspectral camera, a livestream can be displayed on the remote control during the flight. With this feature you get two images (RGB & HSI) at the same time with the same spatial dimensions.

Intelligent Imaging

Additional pre-processing on camera is possible, as the camera has a build in computing unit. If needed, the desired spectral ranges can also be individually selected, to reduce data-amount. Images are saved on an external microSD-card.

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Smart Hyperspectral Line-Scanner

No external movement needed, Internal CPU for pre-processing

VNIR (500-1000 nm)

250 spectral bands, high signal-to-noise ratio in NIR range

Super lightweight

Under 600g (incl. Gimbal), RGB + HSI simultaneously

Hyperspectral Camera Drone

Sample Data

BlackBird is based on a VNIR linescanner, but there is no sensor movement needed during image acquisition to get a full HSI data cube. Unsure if spectral imaging solves your application? Get in touch with us and send your sample to HAIP Solutions for a measurement in our lab.

BlackBird True Color, native resolution, mounted on UAV. The corresponding spectra inside the circles are given on the right.
High spectral quality with low noise. The diagram above shows the standard deviation of all averaged pixels inside each drawn circle.