broadband LED illumination bar

BlackBright VNIR LED Bar

Illumination unit designed for
industrial integration and developed for
the BlackIndustry VNIR camera.

broadband LED bar for hyperspectral imaging

broadband LED illumination bar


HAIP Solutions BlackBright VNIR LED Bar is a line light illumination bar designed for hyperspectral imaging, integrating special Broadband-LED technology.

The use of LED technology enables a long service life and the elimination of thermal light sources, which are more susceptible to faults and have a shorter service life. As an external lighting source, the BlackBright Bar is ideal for hyperspectral sorting and inspection applications.

Compact Design

The BlackBright VNIR LED Bar presents a compact and modular design with an arrangement of individual elements each 150 mm long. Consequently, there are variable line lengths from 300 to 1350 mm available on request.

Easy To Use

The broadband LED illumination bar can be configured via a PC using PWM modulation, thereby generating uniform illumination over the entire illumination area. It is configured and supplied with power via an industrial plug.

steady light distribution

The light intensity can be dimmed segment by segment via a software controller interface. This dimmable light intensity and the homogeneous light distribution enable very precise imaging in the spectral range 430 – 1050 nm.

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BlackBright Bar


broadband LED bar for hyperspectral imaging

Variable line lengths from 300 to 1350 mm available

SPECTRAL RANGE (430 - 1050 NM)
Broad and stable spectral distribution in the range of 430 nm - 1050 nm

Power supply via Harting HAN Q 5/0-F

Communication via an industrial RS485 port

Photo Gallery

HAIP Solutions BlackBright Bar LED illumination for hyperspectral cameras
BlackBright VNIR LED Bar - 1200 mm variante. Different line lengths from 300 to 1350 mm available on request
Spectral response BlackBright VNIR LED Bar

broadband LED illumination bar

Sample Data

BlackBright Bar is a broadband illumination bar with all the needed components, designed for the BlackIndustry VNIR V2 camera.

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