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Environmental Monitoring

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environmental monitoring

Hyperspectral imaging is becoming widely popular for tracking changes in the environment. It is commonly used to understand surface CO2 emissions, map hydrological formations, tracking pollution levels, and more. For example visually similar tree types and trees of different health status can be reliably identified based on their distinctive spectra. The information contained in the hyperspectral data sets is also used to establish sea grass bed location, extent and its photosynthetic production, and can play a key role in monitoring changes over time relating to environmental conditions.


Water and air quality are one of the major global concerns. Hyperspectral sensors used to monitor environment provide high resolution optical data that allows for the simultaneous detection and monitoring of air and water quality. This provides an extensive and accurate means of pin-pointing potential pollution outbreaks and/or monitoring the quality of freshwater sources.


When mineral-based fluids or materials get loose in nature, they need to be identified fast to prevent potential danger to the environment. Airborne or field spectral imaging is often used for the purpose as it can detect contamination even when invisible to the eye.

Common use cases

Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions

Environmental Monitoring

Hyperspectral camera called BlackBullet V2 manufactured by HAIP Solutions. Hyperspectral imaging systems and cameras​

BlackBullet V2

Combined RGB & HSI camera

Hyperspectral camera drone called BlackBird V2 manufactured by HAIP Solutions. Hyperspectral imaging systems and cameras​

BlackBird V2

Ready to Fly with DJI drones

portable hyperspectral camera called BlackMobile from the company HAIP Solutions


Handheld Hyperspectral Imaging

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