Hyperspectral LED – area illumination


Broadband-LED area array illumination designed for single-shot hyperspectral cameras

Broadband LED-area array illuminator for hyperspectral cameras by HAIP Solutions

Hyperspectral LED - area illumination

Broad Spectral range

The BlackBright VNIR LED area illumination system is tailor-made for hyperspectral single-shot imaging applications. With a stable spectral distribution from 430 nm to 1050 nm, this device ensures uniform surface illumination for precise imaging. Designed to HAIP Solutions‘ exacting standards, each system consists of two identical illumination panels controlled by a central unit to ensure smooth operation.

LED Technology

The use of LED technology enables a long
service life and eliminates thermal light sources, which are prone to faults and shorter lifespans. Your measurement setup benefits from less heat development as well, reducing the risk of bad influence on your sample.

Compact design

With a working distance of approximately 50 cm from the light emission surface, the standard design illuminates an area of approximately 20 x 20 cm. Each product consists of two identical illumination panels combined through a
controller and power supply unit.

Steady light distribution

The illumination panels with the combined broadband LEDs and a special reflector technology enable very homogenous lighting conditions for spectral imaging. With dimmable intensity and even distribution, precise imaging is enabled in the 430 – 1050 nm VNIR range.

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Hyperspectral LED – area illumination


BlackBright Area Illumination for hyperspectral cameras by HAIP Solutions


Even illumination of the surface area

SPECTRAL RANGE OF 430 NM - 1050 nm

Broad and stable spectral distribution


Photo Gallery

HAIP Solutions BlackBright Area LED illumination for hyperspectral cameras
Suggested arrangement of two illumination panels
BlackBright Area spectral response
Spectral Response BlackBright VNIR LED Area

Hyperspectral LED - area illumination

Sample Data

BlackBright VNIR LED Area is a broadband LED area illumination with all the needed components, designed for the BlackBullet V2 camera.

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