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Use Case: Securing Almond Quality with HSI

Greyscale image of different almond componentshyperspectral image of different almond components

Almonds, esteemed for their taste and nutritional benefits, are now benefiting from advanced technology for enhanced safety and quality assurance.
Being a staple in various food products, almonds face the risk of contamination from foreign objects during harvesting and processing. Traditional sorting methods may not effectively detect these contaminants, posing potential safety concerns for consumers.


The HAIP BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max camera can precisely analyze the spectral signature of almond components and distinguish them from contaminants like almond shells or foreign materials.


Our recent case study demonstrates the camera’s effectiveness in identifying and separating almond components to ensure product integrity and safety. With its high spatial resolution and real-time spectral data acquisition, the HAIP BlackIndustry 1.7 Max provides a reliable solution for the food industry.

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