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ROI Mode: BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max



This full speed video showcases the BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max automatically classifying plastic flakes by polymer type on a fast-moving platform.

The key features include:


  • High frame rate: Operating at a frame rate of up to 1330 Hz, this camera is designed to keep pace with fast industrial conveyor belts, ensuring a precise classification.
  • Advanced Multi ROI Mode: The Multi Region of Interest (ROI) mode makes it possible to achieve such a high framerate. It is possible to select the relevant wavelengths rather than analyzing the entire spectrum, significantly reducing data volume while maintaining high accuracy.
  • Enhanced efficiency and precision: The BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max excels in delivering high-speed, precise classification even with high framerates of up to 1330 Hz at 1280 px spatial resolution.

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