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Plastic Detection in the SWIR Range

Understanding the important role of purity in recycling is crucial, especially in plastic recycling. Unsorted waste, if containing the widely used polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poses consequential risks, emitting dangerous hydrogen chloride upon incineration, thus impacting environmental and industrial landscapes severely. Especially in the cement and reinforced concrete industry the correct and precise recycling of PVC is essential, as the hydrogen chloride released from derived fuels causes corrosion damage to concrete and cement, affecting their stability.


In response to this challenge, hyperspectral imaging has become a transformative solution. It accurately measures the electromagnetic radiation reflected by an object and displays the intensity of this reflection in a unique spectral signature curve, showcasing how it varies with wavelength.


The hyperspectral imaging sensors that come into use, embodied by the BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max camera, enable a precise detection of PVC and therefore better-quality recycled materials. In the graph shown below you can see the spectral reflectance of PVC among other plastic types, differing clearly from one another.


By identifying PVC’s spectral signature, its extraction from recyclable materials is very precise, thereby enhancing the production of high-quality, environmentally sound and safe recyclates.

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