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Use Case: Recycling PE and PET Flakes

Greyscale Image of plastic flakes by HAIP SolutionsHyperspectral Image of plastic flakes by HAIP Solutions

Plastic waste poses a huge challenge to global sustainability: Over 400 million tons are produced annually, of which only 9% are recycled, leading to harmful environmental impacts such as garbage patches in the oceans.


To overcome this urgent problem, advanced technologies like hyperspectral imaging are crucial. Hyperspectral cameras, exemplified by the HAIP BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max, are instrumental in revolutionizing plastic recycling processes by providing precise sorting capabilities for various materials, in this case for PE and PET flakes. These cameras capture and analyze the unique spectral signatures of different plastics, enabling accurate differentiation of even mixed compositions.


In a recent case study, the HAIP camera successfully differentiated between PE and PET flakes, highlighting its central role in ensuring the purity of recycled plastics. With real-time data processing by the BlackStudio software, hyperspectral imaging is a promising contribution to resource conservation.

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