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Welcome Birger - Our new electrical engineer

New Team Member Birger Bernhold at HAIP Solutions

We are excited to welcome Birger Bernhold to our dynamic team as our latest addition in the role of Electrical Engineer! Since December 2023 he has been supporting the engineering department as a working student, while still completing his studies.

What inspires Birger the most in his work is the large number of possibilities for the application of hyperspectral imaging. From agriculture to recycling to general manufacturing processes, valuable and unique information can be gathered that only hyperspectral cameras can provide.

Outside of work, Birger is a passionate snowboarder, pianist and enjoys reading Scifi stories. In one of these stories, humanity has been no longer developing anything new and therefore having to rely on technologies from a golden age.
“In contrast, we have the opportunity to help shape the future and support future generations with our technology. That is why I think our work at HAIP Solutions GmbH Solutions is so important.”, concludes Birger.

Talking about the values and principles that are particularly important to Birger in an employer and how these are reflected in his experience at HAIP Solutions so far, he responded the following:
“What is particularly important to me in an employer is that I have opportunities for further development and that I can see the impact of my work directly. I have found both at HAIP Solutions, where I can learn a lot from the other employees, but also realize smaller projects of my own.”

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