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Welcome Max - Our new electrical engineer

Maximilian - Software Engineer

We are happy to welcome Maximilian Hachen to our team. Already since November 2023 Max is supporting our software development full time.

Asking about what Max is mostly inspired by working for HAIP Solutions GmbH, he answered:

„What inspires me most is that hyperspectral imaging can be used for a wide range of sustainable applications, such as agricultural monitoring, the food industry and recycling. In particular, the use case of sorting plastics for recycling is a huge motivation for me. Looking at the pollution around the world, for example in the Pacific Ocean, while using single-use plastic products on a daily basis has made me think a lot about my impact. Developing cameras that make plastic sorting easy, affordable and widely applicable is a valuable step in the right direction in my opinion.“

In his spare time, Max is an ambitious cyclist, doing both road and cyclo-cross, competing in some local races and being a member of the local cycling club. For him, cycling is not only competitive. It is also a very social sport where you learn to help each other and work together, even if one rider is not as strong as the others. Sailing is another sport he enjoys. Both sports have a great focus on endurance and stamina, but also complicated technical aspects.

In response to the questions: „Are there certain values or principles that are particularly important to you when working for a company? How are these reflected in your experiences at HAIP Solutions so far?“, Max answered the following:
„Personally, I like to take responsibility for the projects I work on as part of a motivated team.

I like to learn from others and work hand in hand with them to achieve well working results in a short time. In addition, I would like to do something with a purpose in my work, as mentioned above. I was given responsibility for projects after just a few weeks, as HAIP Solutions is still a small company. This motivates me a lot because I feel that my work is appreciated and that I have an impact on our projects. At HAIP I have also found a team that works very efficiently (e.g. no unnecessary meetings, quick decisions and actions). Everyone knows and respects the skills of each colleague. The very open and respectful error culture is also a big plus for me. Mistakes should not be made, but if they do happen, we do not focus on the negative aspects, but try to learn from them.“

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