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Detecting foreign Objects in Rice with HSI

Greyscale image of rice mixed with plasticclassified hyperspectral image of rice mixed with plastic



Food products like for example rice are prone to being contaminated during their production and distribution. It is possible for foreign objects such as small plastic particles to enter the food supply chain and contaminate the food. This can happen through tubes, conveyor belts and gloves used during the food processing.


In order to ensure a safe food product, hyperspectral imaging can be applied to identify foreign object contamination of rice (as well as other food products). Especially plastic contamination in food can introduce harmful particles into the body, leading to various health risks. Thus, ensuring the absence of plastic and maintaining strict food safety standards is vital to safeguarding the health and welfare of consumers.


In this use case, the HAIP BlackIndustry SWIR 1.7 Max camera is used to detect plastic particles that are nearly invisible to the human eye.

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